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Phrases like ‘well-established method’ and ‘cost-effective, efficient application’ are often used to describe Auger Boring, widely used for the installation of steel pipes and casings. Often called the ‘Jack and Bore Method’, this economical pipe installation method can be used in a variety of ground and environmental conditions, yielding many benefits from reducing traffic disruptions and roadway pavement damage to reducing noise and pollution concerns.

Simply put, Auger Boring is the process of forming a horizontal bore by jacking the steel casing through the earth from a main shaft to a reception shaft. Spoil is removed from inside the encasement by means of a rotating auger. These rotating augers carry the spoil back to through the casing pipe to the main shaft for removal. An Auger Boring Machine (ABM) bores through soil or rock with a cutting head attached to the ‘lead’ auger to install steel casing pipe, depending on the project.

While this is an established and cost-effective method, one of the limitations with auger boring has been accuracy constraints. However, new technology has made a major impact on auger boring, which provides more precise bores to expand its abilities. Our skilled operators are also trained and adhere to responsible and accurate procedures at all times.

Benefits of Auger Boring:

  • Timeless application that creates extremely stable bores
  • Simple, effective method with a high success rate
  • Little to no disruption to surface, buildings, rail or traffic
  • Safe, fast method with low operating costs

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