Pipe Bursting

Replacing Without Removing

Pipe bursting replaces an existing pipeline without removing it. We dig two pits on either side of the run, and then we pull a new line through while bursting the existing pipe using an expanding head. As the existing pipe bursts, the new line immediately takes its place, which creates no disturbance at the surface. This method works with concrete, clay, PVC, or ductile iron pipe by using different equipment.

Pipe bursting can also upsize pipelines, meaning we can replace a smaller line with a slightly larger one without disturbing anything above ground. Services still need to be open cut, and it’s important to remove any repaired areas before employing this method.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting:

  • No need to remove the old line
  • Minimal disturbance at the surface
  • Effective on all sorts of pipe
  • Allows for upsizing existing lines with larger lines

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