Shaft Excavation

Accessing the Work Area

Shaft installation is the process of constructing a vertical pit or wall from the ground surface to the tunnel to furnish access to the tunnel.

The advantage of shafts is that they allow us to disturb as little area above ground as possible while we tunnel. Well-thought-out engineering and coordination are a must with every shaft. We have to consider existing utilities, ground conditions, the equipment we’re using for tunneling, the project duration, drainage, and many other factors with every shaft we build.

Methods of shaft installation are usually performed in three different steps: liner plate, soldier beam and wood lagging, and steel sheeting and trench safety boxes.

Benefits of Shaft Excavation:

  • Minimal disturbance to the ground above the shaft
  • Allows for boring operations at greater depths than an open-bore pit
  • Shafts can be installed and removed in sections

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