Rock Boring & Tunneling

Tunneling Through Solid Rock

Solid rock is often more straightforward than softer tunneling conditions. Since rock is consistent, Midwest Mole can design and fabricate the perfect tunneling machine for each project.

Using the geotechnical reports, we engineer the cutting head to fit the specific rock and then let the machine do the work. We use an auger bore with a disc-cutting rock head for smaller tunnels and TBMs for larger tunnels. The key factors to consider are the rock’s confined compressive strength and how abrasive it is.

Thanks to our ability to fabricate machines in-house, our relationships with tunneling equipment manufacturers, and new tunneling technology, Midwest Mole is the perfect fit for rock tunneling projects anywhere in the U.S.

Benefits of Rock Tunneling:

  • Timeless method that can tunnel without issue through solid rock
  • Ability to design and build machines to the specific application
  • Little to no disruption to surface, buildings, rail, or traffic
  • Often more consistent production compared to other ground conditions

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