Guided Boring

More Accurate Boring

The guided boring method involves a similar excavation process as traditional auger boring but incorporates a pilot tube that maintains the accuracy of both the line and the grade before we install the steel casing. There are several advantages to guided boring, including superior precision when guiding the steel casing. It also helps us determine geotechnical attributes of the soil and identify obstructions along the planned route.

There are safety benefits to guided boring as well because no one needs to enter the steel casing to help control grade. In addition, we can often offer our clients a financial benefit because we can use smaller casing and save time compared to standard methods.

Benefits of Guided Boring:

  • More accurate than traditional auger boring
  • Simple, effective method with a high success rate
  • Little to no disruption to surface, buildings, rail, or traffic
  • Often more productive than traditional auger boring

Akkerman Guided Boring Machine

Guided Boring Machine (GBM) systems are the leading solution for accurate and extended drive lengths in soft ground to rock geology for 4-48 IN OD pipe. The GBM guidance system provides line and grade accuracy with optic capabilities of up to 600 LF.

Vermeer Axis

The Vermeer Axis guided boring system is a pit-launched trenchless installation method designed to achieve pinpoint on-grade accuracy while eliminating some of the difficult steps associated with other installation techniques. We can meet a wide range of product pipe, sizing specifications, and other job site requirements with the versatile capabilities of the Axis system.

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