In our industry, there’s nothing more important than safety. Learn all about the protocols Midwest Mole uses to make our work as safe as possible.

A Focus on Creating a Safe Work Environment

At Midwest Mole, safety is our top priority. Safety is at the heart of how we conduct our business and ourselves, every single day. With a full-time safety director on board, all of our employees take part in extensive safety programs so they know how to best protect themselves, their co-workers, and their work environment. We conduct in-depth inspections at each job site, provide continuous training to our employees, and encourage all to exchange ideas and address concerns with foremen and crews we never stop learning new and innovative ways to put safety first.

This dedication to safety has led us to create a safety committee and also our annual “Safety Awards,” which we present to our crews who go above and beyond to protect their co-workers and preserve their sites.


We have 42 Ocenco EBA-6.5 self-rescuers for use in tunnels, and 26 Ocenco M-20.3 self-rescuers, which are used for smaller pipes and sewer entry. They are required to be immediately available for each worker in a tunnel.

Air Monitors

We currently have 47 active Gas Clip air monitors in service throughout our company for assessing the air quality in our pits and tunnels. We are continually evaluating the reliability and durability of our air monitors and other safety equipment.

Wireless Headset Communication

Along with a variety of radio systems, we have 12 Sonetics wireless headsets to ensure constant communications between the pit bottom, topman, and equipment operators.

Hazardous Chemicals Analysis

When measuring levels of volatile organic vapors or specific chemicals, Midwest Mole uses multiple types of monitors, including the UltraRAE 3000, Gas Clip monitors, RKI GX-6000 six-gas monitor, and RKI GX-3R four-gas monitor.


Engineering techs, project managers, and supervisors all receive anemometers to determine air flow inside tunnels, which ensures we have proper cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air flow provided through our ventilation systems.

Daily Safety Meetings

We hold daily safety meetings at every job site to discuss the day’s work, and any potential hazards that may arise.

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We have a stellar safety program! It is very in-depth and well-managed.
Terry Ewing, Transportation Supervisor, Midwest Mole, Inc.
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Their attention to detail and safety was impressive and thorough, and this was observed through all facets of their company (estimating, purchasing, engineering, safety monitoring/management, housekeeping, and field execution/completion).
Gregory D. Cuttel, Senior Project Manager, Turner-Concrete Structures-Lindahl Tri-Venture
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At Shirley, we pride ourselves on our safety program, and having quality subcontractors like Midwest Mole who share these same values is paramount to a successful safety program.
Ricky L. Meyer, Senior Project Manager, Shirley Contracting Company, LLC
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Midwest Mole definitely takes safety seriously. They push safety more than any other place I have ever worked. We discuss it daily on every job.
Dave Kelley, HDD Foreman, Midwest Mole, Inc.

Safety Awards

The CCS Zero Injury Award is given to companies whose employees have not suffered a work-related incident resulting in loss of consciousness, restriction of work or motion, transfer to another job, or requiring medical treatment other than first aid for the past calendar year. At Midwest Mole, we took home this award three years in a row!

2017 CCS Zero Injury Award

2017 CCS Zero Injury Award

2016 CCS Zero Injury Award

2016 CCS Zero Injury Award

2015 CCS Zero Injury Award

2015 CCS Zero Injury Award