Pipe Jacking/ Conventional Tunneling

Single-Pass Trenchless Construction

Pipe jacking is a commonly used trenchless construction method that involves pushing specially designed pipe with hydraulic jacks immediately behind a tunneling machine as it advances the tunnel. Since the processes of tunneling and jacking are simultaneous, ground movement is minimal when using this process.

To ensure the run is exactly as designed, crews spend plenty of time adjusting the guide rails within the bore pit before jacking. This method can be used with different types of pipe, as long as it’s designed specifically for jacking, and can be used for small and large diameters of pipe.

While friction is the limiting factor using this method, it’s still ideal for shorter runs underneath roadways, waterways, and other above-ground obstructions.

Benefits of Pipe Jacking:

  • Reliable, time-tested application that minimizes ground disturbance
  • Simple, effective method with a high success rate
  • Single-pass system that relies on the pipe itself as the tunnel support
  • More accurate line and grade compared to auger boring

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