Section 5

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Midwest Mole first arrived on the site in June 2015, and completed our work in early 2019. This four-year run included all methods of trenchless construction including HDD, pilot tube boring, auger boring, and TBMs. If you worked for Midwest Mole during this time, it’s safe to say that you worked on the I-69 Section 5 project at some point.

Midwest Mole Project - INDOT I-69 Section 5

Each time we thought we had completed our work and were ready to leave the city of Bloomington, we were asked to come back and do additional work. Josh Miller was the superintendent over this entire timeframe, and he did a great job handling all that was thrown at him. While he often said, “I’m over it,” he always got things done, and the entire team did great work.

This was one of the largest reline projects for Midwest Mole. While others assisted, the foreman Shawn Butler knocked this job out of the park. As soon as the pipe was delivered to the site, it was inside an existing culvert. Shawn had a system down, and his crew knew how to execute.

Project Details

  • OwnerINDOT
  • Scope19 bores, 39 relines ― approx 4,000' of 36" and 1,100' of 48"
  • DateNovember 2018

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