Sanitary and sewer systems consist of various types of sewer pipes and manholes. Many times, traditional techniques can prove costly for excavation and replacement, especially in urban areas, which results in traffic disruption and other challenges. Through the use of Trenchless Technologies, including Sliplining Rehabilitation Services, we can reduce costs and disruptions associated with excavation and installation of pipelines. The Sliplining method is especially best suited for the larger diameter pipes with few or no service connections, and it can be employed without bypass pumping (depending on flow conditions). This process requires an open ended pipe section or a work shaft with the top removed out of a section of the existing pipe. Once this opening has been established, new sections of a smaller diameter liner pipe are lowered into the existing pipe and pushed or carried one at a time in place until the section being lined has been completed. After installation, a lightweight cellular grout is placed in the annular space between the liner and the original pipe to lock it in place.