Pipe Jacking / Tunneling / Micro-Tunneling

Safe, Innovative and Cost-Effective

The Pipe Jacking trenchless technology method is a system of directly installing prefabricated pipes behind a tunnel shield by hydraulic jacking force from a drive shaft. The pipes actually form a continuous string in the ground in the direction of the target shaft. The jacking force is transmitted through pipe-to-pipe interaction. Excavation is performed manually with a hand mine shield or mechanically with the use of a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM).

Benefits of Pipe Jacking/Tunneling:

  • Little to no impact on the environment
  • Reduced impact on pedestrians, traffic, roads and noise pollution
  • Provides optimal strength of pipes and installation with proven results
  • Offers precision installation in both line and grade
  • Cost-effective in terms of time, costs and resources

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