Kathy Cook

Administrative Assistant

Years at Midwest Mole: 9
Meet Kathy Cook. She is the administrative assistant for our shop. She joined Midwest Mole in July of 2015. She agreed to work part-time for her husband as an assistant and has been here ever since. Some of her typical responsibilities include ensuring timecards are completed for the shop team, invoices for the shop and trucking department, and entering all repairs and services to be done into our system.

Kathy enjoys office work and has been doing it most of her life. She really enjoys working ever since she got her first job when she was 16. She is not a “job jumper, jumping from job to job.” She has not worked at many places as she tends to be a long-term employee. She “settles in and is there for the long haul.”

When she is not busy helping the shop, she leads a very active life. She enjoys camping with her husband and pug. She volunteers at a local food pantry every week and she is a volunteer for a Pug Rescue out of KY. In addition, she is on several committees at her church.

Her words of advice to a new associate is to, “Hang in there. Moles are special people who can handle any and all things.”

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