Jim Cook

Lead Mechanic

Years at Midwest Mole: 26
Years in Industry: 49
Jim Cook with 66” Rock TBM Rebuild
Jim and his wife ― also a Midwest Mole associate ― have two grown kids and four beautiful grandchildren. He loves to camp and travel, and his favorite vacation was spent at the Grand Canyon.

He has been in the industry since 1975, and he was also one of the original employees when Midwest Mole started. He worked here for 12 years before he left in 1995 to pursue his own business. Eventually, he came back in 2010, when Midwest Mole made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Jim is responsible for technical field support. He aids the equipment manager by designing and repairing hydraulics, circuits, and electrical systems. His favorite project to work on was updating an American Augers 66” TBM. He was responsible for rebuilding and modifying the tunnel boring machine in order to convert it from digging through dirt to boring through rock. His wealth of knowledge is an asset to us all.

Jim Cook with 66” Rock TBM Rebuild

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