Connor Swain

Project Engineer

Years at Midwest Mole: 6
Connor Swain, Project Engineer
Connor and his wife just recently welcomed their first child. He enjoys spending as much time as he can with his family. You can usually find him working around the house or on his three acres of land, or spending time in nature visiting parks.

He started with Midwest Mole two years ago as a project engineer for our HDD division, where he utilizes engineering knowledge for construction project management. He estimates timelines and schedules of HDD jobs, and anticipates the risks and costs related to the technical aspects of the project. What he likes most about his position is that his job has a direct impact on improving the environment, and the lives of people in it.

In his two years here, his favorite project was when Midwest Mole worked at the Indianapolis Airport, where he was responsible for all the bore designs. He loved that he got to be so hands-on with the design, and was able to be out in the field doing site work. He truly was an invaluable asset on that project.

In order to be successful, Connor's advice to a new associate is: "In our line of work, problems arise every day. There are plenty of people who will gladly be the one to point out the problems and tell you all about them. Be the person to find the solution."

Connor Swain, Project Engineer

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