Chad Dick


Years at Midwest Mole: 4
Years in Industry: 21
Chad Dick, Operator
Chad and his wife live on a 400-acre farm, and they have a barn right across from their house where they like to hang out with friends. In his free time, he loves to shoot guns. He has a target shooting range where he shoots pistols and bolt-action rifles, and he and his wife also enjoy deer hunting.

He joined the Midwest Mole family in 2017 as an operator running our directional drill machines. Before he became a Mole, Chad spent the previous 20 years in various construction jobs. “I was a laborer for a long time, and then I worked my way up to operating directional boring machines,” he says. “I’ve done deep sewer work, open-cut work, you name it.”

Chad enjoys the fact that “my job isn’t just sitting in an office every day, doing the same old thing.” He likes how Midwest Mole gives him the opportunity to travel to different job sites: “We get opportunities to see a lot of different places, and to see how everything works,” he says. “We get to meet a lot of cool people.”

Chad Dick, Operator

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