Carlyle Shearer


Years at Midwest Mole: 3
Carlyle Shearer, Foreman at Midwest Mole
Meet John “Carlyle” Shearer. He joined Midwest Mole in 2018 as a foreman. He spends most of his day walking the job site to ensure the safety of his crew and looking for productive solutions to accomplish the job.

When asked if he had any words of advice for a new employee, Carlyle said “keep it honest, and keep a safe objective.”

When not at work, Carlyle is very much a family man. He is married to his beautiful wife Kristy. They have six kids, a lot of grandkids, and some adorable puppies as well. He definitely stays busy on the weekends but he wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Carlyle Shearer, Foreman at Midwest Mole

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