Pipe Ramming / Pipe Hammering

The Pipe Ramming or Pipe Hammering method is invaluable for installing medium- to larger- diameter pipes over shorter distances and at shallower depths, such as under roads and railroad tracks and in a wide range of soil conditions, with the exception of solid rock.

This basic non-steerable system consists of ramming an open-ended steel pipe through the soil, using a percussion hammer from a drive pit. The soil may be removed from the casing by auguring, jetting or compressed air. It provides continuous casing support during the drive. There is no over excavation since it swallows the soil and small boulders and cobbles smaller in diameter than the casing pipe.

Although it is typically used for horizontal installations, Pipe Ramming is multifunctional. It can also be employed in steel pipe installations for tunnel construction roof support beneath existing infrastructure and pipe replacement.

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