From hydro-excavation to cellular grouting, we have the specialty services you’re looking for.

There's No Limit to the Services We Provide

From new installation to rehabilitation, railroad work, and beyond, the scope of our abilities is almost limitless. If you’re looking for shaft installation, hydro-excavation, heavy transport, cellular grouting, open cut, and more, Midwest Mole has the capacity to tackle even the most specialized jobs.

CCTV Pipeline Inspection System

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is the best way to handle pipe inspections. With CCTV, there’s no guesswork to be done regarding the repair requirements or likelihood of failure for any pipeline. Using CCTV is a fast, effective, and affordable way to assess the condition of a pipe.

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Shaft Installation

Shaft installation is the process of constructing a vertical pit or wall from the ground surface to the tunnel, in order to furnish access to the tunnel. The shaft installation process typically involves several steps, including liner plate, soldier beam and wood lagging, steel sheeting, and trench safety boxes.

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Known as the ‘safe way to dig,’ hydro-excavation uses pressurized water and a vacuum to not only cut through the soil, but also remove it on excavation projects. The vacuum lifts the slurry from the excavation area, and the debris is transferred to the debris tank.

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Heavy Transport

Midwest Mole can respond quickly, thanks to the fact that we operate our own transportation company. Heavy Transport, Inc. (HTI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Midwest Mole. With dedicated drivers and transportation equipment, Midwest Mole can mobilize immediately in case of an emergency, and our projects will always have the equipment they need to keep the job moving.

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Cellular Grouting

Cellular grout is an ideal material for filling the annular space between the carrier pipe and tunnel, as well as for slipline projects. Lightweight cellular grout has been used effectively as backfill for lined tunnels, and we’ve used it successfully for decades on projects all over the country.

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Open Cut

Open cut is the use of open trench excavation to facilitate the installation of new structures or systems, including repair or replacement of a pipe, conduit, or cable. The excavation is then backfilled and the surface restored.

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