More Mortimer! Mortimer the Sewer Rat is on the Job with Midwest Mole!

Mortimer is staying busy on the job with Midwest Mole!

Mortimer the Sewer Rat was adopted earlier this year during NASTT’s 15th Annual Educational Fund Auction by the generous folks at Midwest Mole!

Check out some of the project sites he’s visited recently:

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Tapp Road, Bloomington, IN

As the I-69 project in Bloomington, Indiana continues, Mortimer finds himself in the midst of a reline project. Due to the new interchange, existing culverts need to be rehabilitated. The existing elliptical line shown in the picture is corrugated metal pipe that measures 56”x72” and is being relined with a 42” steel casing. The crossing ends with a 28’ deep manhole on the west end. No evidence of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so far.

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Hobart, IN

This project in Hobart, Indiana involves replacing more than 2,500’ of old and deteriorating cast iron water main installed in the 1940’s and 1950’s. The work is being done with the use of a horizontal directional drill (HDD) machine. The old water main is being replaced with 8” HDPE. In the picture you can see the HDPE pipe being readied to fuse, which allows them to connect two sections of the pipe together.

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Peru, IN

Along US 31, near Peru, Indiana, this project involves the rehabilitation of 5 different culverts. The job consists of 4 CIPP relines and a Milliken geo-polymer geo-spray liner. These technologies coat the inside of the existing corrugated metal culvert, which avoids having to have it replaced or slip-lined altogether. Sizes range from 48-78”.