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One of the earliest and simplest methods of trenchless rehabilitation for existing pipelines, Sliplining is a method that involves the insertion of a new pipe into an existing pipe. Used since the 1940s, the process entails pulling or pushing the new pipe into the existing pipe and grouting the annular space. The pipe used may be continuous or a string of individual pipes of a smaller diameter than the original pipe.

This is a very effective, much lower cost method of improving a damaged or deteriorated pipe as compared to replacing it. Similar to its other trenchless rehab counterparts, this technique is effective in the rehabilitation of failing culverts, sewers and storms drains.

Benefits of Sliplining:

  • Proven, cost-effective renewal technique
  • Minimal disruption of service and surface traffic
  • Little to no damage to surface or property
  • Results in a new structural pipe

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