Lincoln Memorial-Repair Water Main

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Located in the heart of the nation’s capitol, the National Mall is an iconic place, visited by millions of people every year. The 309.2-acre park is administered by the National Park Service (NPS). It was in this historic location that our team at Midwest Mole worked on a 12-month contract to replace parts of the almost century-old water lines. The project consisted of installing over 17,000 linear feet of new HDPE pipe, with diameters ranging between 2″ and 12″, via HDD.

HDD was the best option for us in completing this project. It made sense to use a small footprint technology, considering the multitude of visitors, as well as the regular traffic. In addition, the minimal area disturbance permitted by this technology had an insignificant impact on the park visitors’ experience.

We factored in the fact that this project took place in a high-visibility area with a lot of foot traffic, by planning on staging materials in various locations to minimize runs. However, due to all the events that took place throughout the year, navigating the area still proved to be challenging. There were small events such as marathons and concerts from spring to fall to consider, as well as major events such as the Cherry Blossom Festival and Independence Day. By coordinating our work with NPS, we managed to work around them. Clear and effective communication was a must on this project.


Project Details

  • OwnerNational Park Service
  • ScopeRemoval and replacement of 100' of failed 12" HDPE supply line, excavation and backfill, fusion and pipe connection by MWM
  • Date

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