Shaun Conapitski


Shaun Conapitski - Foreman
Shaun Conapitski is a foreman at Midwest Mole. He started here in June of 2018 because it was an opportunity for him to learn something different and to challenge himself. At the beginning of this year, he and his family moved to West Virginia to be a part of our East Coast Division.

Shaun is a definition of our core value to “Work Smarter- and Harder.” He spends his days pre-planning out the events of the day to work with his crew to complete whatever job they are working on safely and correctly with quality in mind. He takes every opportunity to solve problems and find efficient solutions.

When he is not working hard on the job, he enjoys spending time with his family and relaxing. He also enjoys hiking and has a pretty mean golf swing!

His words of advice to anyone starting out in this business is “Nothing is ever easy but with hard work, determination, and a good team, you CAN accomplish any goal!”

Shaun Conapitski - Foreman

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