Mike Proctor


Years at Midwest Mole: 12
Meet Mike Proctor. Not only is he a military veteran, but he is also a part of our Midwest Mole Transport team as a driver. He joined our family in 2012 after working for a tow truck company because he wanted something different in his life. He loves the freedom of driving long distances on the open road. He also enjoys the flexible hours so that he can still spend time with his family.

At Midwest Mole, everyone's role is vital. We know that the only way to function as a field-first company is through the individual's actions of the entire team. Without Mike on our team, we wouldn't be able to mobilize to the job sites that we do. He helps to ensure that our equipment and materials make it to our sites on time and in order. His words of advice to a new hire are words he definitely lives by, "Work hard."

Mike is definitely a charmer. He always has a smile on his face, a joke to tell, and a compliment to give. He is married to his beautiful wife and they have two children. He spends his free time hunting and fishing.

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