Joseph Butor

Operations Manager
317.545.1335 ext 130
Q: How long have you been with Midwest Mole, and what has your experience here been like?

A: I have been with Midwest Mole for over 12 years. My experience with Midwest Mole has been overwhelmingly positive; it has been an amazing experience to watch the company grow from a small road boring contractor into the full service boring, tunneling, and HDD contractor we are today.

Q: What do you think sets Midwest Mole apart from the competition in this industry?

A: Our vast experience, equipment fleet, and expertise in all trenchless methods allows us to tackle the most difficult projects and offer project-specific solutions tailored to the anticipated geotechnical conditions, pipe diameter, and pipe length required. With our ability to install pipelines with a wide variety of means and methods we can construct projects with the safest, most efficient technology and provide our clients with the top quality product that the industry has come to expect from Midwest Mole. We also have the most dedicated, hard-working employees in the industry with an unmatched commitment to safety.

Q: What is your education and work history other than Midwest Mole?

A: I graduated from Purdue University in February 2004 with a degree in Construction Engineering and Management. While I was in school, I completed three summer internships with a bridge-building company in Boston, MA and Raleigh, NC. My work history after graduation includes one year of Commercial General Contracting in the Los Angeles area, 3 years of Specialty Geotechnical Subcontracting with a foundation and earth retention contractor in Florida, and my 12 great years with Midwest Mole! I am also a Registered Professional Engineer in Indiana and Florida.

Q: What’s your life like outside of work?

A: I have been married to my beautiful wife Melissa since August of 2008 and have two boys -- Ben and Jack. We also have four dogs, a bird, and 5 reptiles that are constantly destroying our house! I’m pretty involved with coaching youth baseball, basketball, and football. When time allows, I also enjoy taking my family on tropical vacations.

Joseph Butor, Operations Manager

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