Joe Butor

Operations Manager

Q: How long have you been with Midwest Mole, and what has your experience here been like?

A: I started here in February 2005, and then I worked here until February 2013. Then, I went with another company for three years, and came back in February 2016. I really enjoy working with the team that we have here at Midwest Mole, and helping with problem-solving resolution.

Q: What do you think sets Midwest Mole apart from the competition in this industry?

A: I think it all starts with our company culture. We definitely have a family-oriented culture. I would also say that our commitment to safety and our commitment to details set us apart. We have the ability to construct complicated work with a variety of different techniques.

Q: What is your education and work history other than Midwest Mole?

A: I graduated from Purdue University in February 2004, with a degree in construction engineering. While I was in school, I did three internships with a bridge-building company. After that, I went to work at a construction engineering firm in California. I was there for six months before I realized how much I hated living in Los Angeles, so I came back here and hooked up with Midwest Mole. During my three-year interim break from Midwest Mole, I worked for a geotechnical specialty company down in Florida, so I’m also a licensed professional engineer in both Indiana and Florida.
Q: What’s your life like outside of work?
A: I got married in August 2008. I have two children — both boys — named Ben and Jack. We also have four dogs around the house. I’m pretty involved with youth sports coaching, including baseball, basketball, and football. I also enjoy taking my family on tropical vacations. We’ve gone to Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Hawaii.

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