James Butler


Years at Midwest Mole: 23
Meet James Butler, Foreman-in-Training, who has been with Midwest Mole for 20 years! So what has kept him here this long? “The people I work with,” he said. “Most everyone here is great people!” Even though he joined the company because he was tired of being broke, it is the people that has kept him here for so long.

What he loves most about his job is how he gets to see a project go from nothing to something. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to build something from the ground up and see the fruits of your labor. The satisfaction that is gained is incomparable.

When James isn’t out on the job sites ensuring everything runs smoothly, he enjoys racing cars. He also loves spending time with his beautiful wife, their three children, and his little grandbaby.

James’s words of wisdom to a new associate are, “Listen to the people you work with. Most of them know a lot about what we do and can save your life and well-being. They can teach you things that can make your job easier.”

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