Eddie Saylor


Q: What is your role at Midwest Mole, and how has that experience been for you?
A: I first started working here in November 2007. I came here straight out of high school. I started as a laborer, and I did that for about five and a half years. Then, I changed roles and came to work in the shop as a mechanic. I’ve been here ever since. I like the specialization of what we do. Tunneling provides many different challenges that we have to conquer every day.

Q: What makes Midwest Mole different than other companies in this industry?
A: We will do whatever it takes to get a job done. We just don’t have defeat in our bones here. If we get a pipe stuck, we’ll find a way to push it out. I’ve only seen one job ever that we didn’t complete, because we ran into rock when it was supposed to be nice soft clay, but ended up being solid rock.

Q: How about your personal life? What do you do when you’re not at work?
A: I got married in June 2010, and I’ve got three kids. We also have a dog. We like taking the kids to the zoo and the children’s museum, and we also love going mud bogging. We’ve got an old mud bog truck — it’s my old truck that I’ve had since high school — we just load up the truck and go mud bogging as a family sometimes.

Eddie Saylor, Mechanic

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