Darryl Dean

General Superintendent

Years at Midwest Mole: 33
Meet Darryl Dean, General Superintendent. Darryl is an amazing asset to our company. He has been with us for 30 years- since March 1991! He manages multiple job locations at a time, ensuring that each project is built according to plan, on time, and under budget, negotiating with contractors in the field in order to save as much money and time as possible.

Darryl has seen many projects throughout his years. His favorite to date though would have to be a rib and lagging tunnel in Latonia, KY. What started off as a 200’ tunnel for Midwest Mole was quickly doubled in scope because the general contracted liked our work so much.

His words of advice to a new hire are

“Listen, learn, and hang in there, it’ll get better.” We continuously say that this job is not easy and it’s not for everyone. But we guarantee that if you actually give it a chance, it WILL get better.

When Darryl isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife. In the warmer months, he loves to spend time boating and fishing on Lake Schafer in Monticello.

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