Brian Brown

Senior Project Manager

Years at Midwest Mole: 9
Brian Brown, Project Manager
Brian got married in 2005 and he now has three kids, along with a family dog. When he has free time, he likes to do CrossFit, play golf, and watch his kids play soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

He graduated from Marian University with a sports management degree. Before he joined Midwest Mole in May 2015, most of his work history was in real estate appraisals. Brian thinks that Midwest Mole’s big advantage is how we “always find a way to solve any problem that comes our way, and we will do whatever is necessary to figure out what the best solution is.”

When asked what he enjoys about his job, Brian says that he loves “the sense of accomplishment I get from the entire process — starting a job, working through the problems, and resolving it.” He also appreciates the family-oriented nature of Midwest Mole’s company culture.

Brian Brown, Project Manager

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