Brian Brown

Project Manager

Q: How long have you been with Midwest Mole? What do you enjoy about your job?
A: I started back in May 2015. I love the sense of accomplishment I get from the entire process — starting a job, working through the problems, and resolving it. I always enjoy seeing that tangible progress. Also, the culture around here is very family-oriented. I was wanting to get back into that aspect of company culture. So, it was a good fit all around.

Q: What was your path to working at Midwest Mole?
A: I graduated from Marian University with a sports management degree. Before I joined Midwest Mole, I had done some estimating, but most of my work history was in real estate appraisals. I had some ownership in a national appraisal management company. I’ve known Jason Miller and some of the others that work here for a long period of time. They were looking to grow the company and needed some help. That’s what got me to jump on board.

Q: Why do you feel Midwest Mole is so good at what they do?
A: While I’ve only been in the industry for five years, I do think Midwest Mole is very persistent, which I look at as a big positive. There’s always a way to solve any problem that comes our way, and we will do whatever is necessary to figure out what the best solution is. And then most importantly, we know how to execute it.

Q: What’s your family situation like? Do you have any hobbies outside of work?
A: I’ve been married since 2005. We have three kids, and we also have one dog. Personally, I like to participate in CrossFit, and I also enjoy golfing. With the family, I really like watching my kids’ activities. They’re into soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

Brian Brown, Project Manager

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