Brandon O’Brien


Brandon O’Brien - Mechanic
One thing you need to know about Brandon O’Brien is that he is always smiling. Not a day goes by that you cannot see a smile on his face. He is laid back and doesn’t let much bother him which is a good thing because in our shop, each day is different. One day he could be doing mechanical work, the next he could be welding and fabricating, and the next he could be painting equipment.

Brandon joined Midwest Mole’s team almost 4 years ago. He was working on motor coaches and saw Midwest Mole as an opportunity for better things. He took a chance on leaving what he knew, to work on equipment instead which has paid off. “You have to be willing to learn any and everything that is handed to you,” says Brandon. And because of this attitude, he is now one of our tunnel machine specialists in the shop.

His can-do attitude can be seen in his personal life as well. When he is not at work, he is working on his house that he shares with his new bride or his “project”- his Nissan 240SX.

Brandon O’Brien - Mechanic

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