Arturo Mendez


Years at Midwest Mole: 18
Art Mendez - Foreman
Arturo “Art” Mendez is a Superintendent at Midwest Mole. He joined us back in 2006 because he saw it as an opportunity to make more money than the job he was currently at.

However, it isn’t just about the money for him. He works hard every day to ensure his jobs run smoothly because he truly takes pride in what he does.

His favorite project was a recent one. It was our tunnel project out in Phoenix, AZ. This project was a bore of 943’ of 66”. The entire 943’ run was through rock. Even though it was all rock, the ground conditions still ranged from fractured rock to extremely hard material. It was his favorite because Phoenix was a new challenge.

When he isn’t at work, he is a true family man. He loves spending time with his beautiful wife and two girls.

Art Mendez - Foreman

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