Dan Liotti

Former CEO

Daniel Liotti, CEO

Every once in a while, you meet someone who stands out because they’re so true to who they are. A man with an unmistakable smile and nothing hidden. He may own a successful business, but his dress shoes are still caked with mud. He’s smart, never condescending, and trustworthy in the smallest details.

That’s Dan Liotti, longtime owner of Midwest Mole. This month marks Dan’s retirement, and he’s not planning to replace himself. Instead, he turned Midwest Mole into an ESOP, or an employee-owned company, after three successful decades at the helm. The ESOP is only one example of Dan’s generosity and concern for his people–rather than turning the company over to a random buyer, he’s turning it over to his people.

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It’s hard to know what we do until you do it. You have to be out in the field and you have to see it with your own eyes. Climbing 400-500 feet up into these pipes and seeing the problem with your own eyes -- it’s just critical.

Dan Liotti

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Dan is the son of Len Liotti, who founded our trenchless construction business in 1982. Dan was always around his dad, around machines, and spent his spring breaks working for Midwest Mole instead of hanging with friends. When he graduated from Purdue in 1985, he formally joined Len to help build Midwest Mole into what it is today. His natural curiosity and love of engineering meant that he explored every part of the business, learning it inside out in such a way that has made him the most humble and down-to-earth, “quintessential” leader, in the words of his CFO.

A natural problem-solver, Dan’s also an out-of-the-box thinker. He’s strict, detail-oriented, and keeps to a high standard, requiring others to do the same. But he’s not the kind of leader who manages from behind a desk; he’s right there with you, checking out the problems from every angle in the field.

Dan’s vision for Midwest Mole during his tenure as owner stayed true to his roots. His conviction has always been to better the world for others, and Midwest Mole is his corner of the world. His technical knowledge, creativity, strategy, and problem-solving have led the way for Midwest Mole’s current reputation as the people who can do the impossible jobs.

Even more than all of his engineering prowess and experience, Dan’s given us his heart. We will miss his presence as a mentor, a leader, and a friend, but we’ll never forget his influence.

There’ll always be plenty of mud for Dan to get dirty in at Midwest Mole, even in retirement!

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