Danby Pipe Renovation

Hand or Manually Wound Liners encompass a similar material to that used in Machine Wound Systems, but are designed for easier construction at larger diameters from within the host pipe. Midwest Mole is a licensed installer of the Danby Pipe Renovation system.

The PVC strip or panels are fed into the man-entry sized pipeline from the surface, along with the required joint sealing strip. Operators in the pipe form the liner to the diameter and shape required to line the pipe by hand, inserting the spiral jointing strip as they progress. The advantage to this system is that many abnormalities in the host pipe shape can be allowed for during construction, minimizing the grouting necessary to lock the new liner into the host pipe.

Normally lengths of the host pipe can be lined and grouted in a single shift. However, a section of a pipeline only may be completed to the point of grouting, which means that the whole pipeline need not be completed in one ‘hit’ allowing long pipe lengths to be lined completely over time.

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