Spiral Wound Lining

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Suited for a wide range of diameters and shapes, both Danby Grouted-in-Place Lining and Spiral Wound Lining installs a new pipe inside of an existing structure that allows for the extension of the service life of a system or to allow the sealing of an existing structure.

Benefits of the Danby Lining:

  • Structural & Nonstructural Rehabilitation
  • Corrosion Resistant Liner
  • Stops Exfiltration and Infiltration
  • Improves Hydraulic Capacity
  • Trenchless Installation (only manhole access required)
  • Circular and Non-Circular Shapes
  • Small Installation Footprint
  • Gravity and Low Pressure Applications

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In the Spiral Wound Lining System, the rotational action advances the liner through the host pipe. The continuous spiral joint is watertight. Once the liner is in, be it a standalone pipe or simply a liner, it is in turn grouted in place.

Benefits of Spiral Wound Lining:

  • Versatile, innovative method
  • Installation can be carried out without interrupting service (depending on flow volumes)
  • Provides little to no noise and air pollution levels
  • Minimal traffic disruption
  • Provides short project periods, but long-term success

These  liners are generally used to rehabilitate gravity pipeline applications, such as storm sewers, sanitary sewers, conduits, culverts and process pipes.

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