Just like highways and railways need rehabilitation for deterioration, underground pipeline structures in storm sewer systems and other drainage culverts also need rehabilitated to counter act deterioration. If not taken care of properly and in a timely manner, this can prove very costly.

One cost-effective method for these aging areas is using the Sliplining method, rehabilitating existing pipelines, as it requires only minimal excavation. Simply put, Sliplining is the renewal of installing a new, structurally designed pipe into an existing pipe.

The sliplining process requires an open ended pipe section or a work shaft with a the top removed out of a section of the existing pipe. Once this opening has been established, new sections of a smaller diameter liner pipe are lowered into the existing pipe and pushed or carried one at a time in place until the section being lined has been completed. After installation, a lightweight cellular grout is placed in the annular space between the liner and the original pipe to lock it in place.