Raj Magan

Project Engineer

Raj Magan - Project Engineer
Meet Raj Magan. He is a recent construction management engineering technology (CEMT) graduate from IUPUI who joined the Midwest Mole team a few months ago as a Project Engineer. Fresh out of college he accepted a position with us and moved from Indiana to Virginia to join our East Coast Division.

Raj was actually an intern for us the previous summer where he learned the ropes of how a tunneling job was built. He said his internship “gave me a glimpse of what I’d be doing as a full-time engineer and it gave me the knowledge needed to join the Midwest Mole family.”

While at IUPUI, he was given the ability to work in different areas of construction within a short period of time. It was there he realized that he wanted to be in the trenchless industry. “The beauty of this industry is that we are able to eliminate environmental destruction and keep it at an absolute minimum when compared to other open-cut solutions,” said Raj.

When Raj isn’t busy working on various AutoCAD drawings for the field, he enjoys exploring new places and being outdoors. He also loves taking his motorcycle out for long joy rides and spending time with his German Shepherd Arya.

Raj Magan - Project Engineer

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