Kaleb Hughs


Years at Midwest Mole: 2
Kaleb Hughs, Laborer at Midwest Mole
Is that a young Tom Cruise? It’s Kaleb Hughs!

Kaleb joined us in March of 2019 because he heard that we are an excellent company to work for. He is a laborer on our jack and bore crews. On a typical day, you can find him hand mining, welding, cutting pipes, and anything else that might need to be done on the job site.

When asked what excites him about work and gets him out of bed every morning, he said, “Everything that you learn — there is just so much, and everyone is so knowledgeable. Learn everything that someone is willing to teach you. And the people I get to work with are good people.”

When Kaleb isn’t out in the field, he spends time with his beautiful new bride and their two adorable daughters. Otherwise, he is perfecting his golf swing.

Kaleb Hughs, Laborer at Midwest Mole

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