Mortimer the Sewer Rat is on the Job with Midwest Mole!

Mortimer the Sewer Rat was adopted earlier this year during NASTT’s 15th Annual Educational Fund Auction by the generous folks at Midwest Mole!
He has been on the I-69 Section 5 project with them in the Bloomington, IN area. In Indiana’s first public/private project, Section 5 consisted of 21 miles of SR 37 to be rehabilitated and upgraded in Morgan and Monroe counties.
Midwest Mole Inc was contracted in June 2015 to do the bores under the highway. Over 86 bores sizes 24” and 30” have been completed. This includes the relocation of the fiber optic lines for the IU campus. An SBU was brought in to bore through the rock portions.
Stay tuned for more updates on Mortimer during his year with Midwest Mole!